Medical Panel

Our Eminent Doctors
Dr. B. Sharma

BUMS. (Chief Medical Director, NBP) - Specialist in Incurable Diseases - Specialist in Chronic Diseases - Eminent Doctor in the AYUSH Treatment System - Renowned personality in Natural & Ayurvedic System - FOUNDER OF THE WORLD'S FIRST UNANI CANCER HOSPITAL (U.C.)

Dr. N. Bhattacharjee

BAMS, MD (Panchakarma) Lady Medical Officer, NBP Female Specialist

Dr. P. Sharma

BUMS (Medical Director, NBP) Specialist in Chronic Diseases

Dr. V. K. Singh

BAMS (Chief Medical Officer, NBP) Specialist in Diabetes, Kidney & Chronic Diseases

Dr. R. Dey

BAMS ( Senior Medical Officer, NBP) NBP Consulting Physician in Chronic Diseases