Relief Body from Stress & Toxins through Panchkarma

Background of Panchkarma Treatment

 Ayurvedic treatment basically constitutes of two types as Samshodhana Chikitsa (Bio-cleansing therapy) & Samsham goan Chikitsa (Pacifying Therapy). Panchakarma therapy falls under the first group as it’s an effective method to cleanse the body from inside out. It is a bio-cleansing regimen which is considered to balance the unhealthy doshas and eliminate the toxic elements from the body. It is a complete procedure that helps to raise the immunity within the body. When we speak about the background of this five-step therapy we indicate its existence in the world as an immense form of an Ayurvedic therapy. Samshodhana Chikitsa is regarded more than Samshaman Chikitsa as the benefits obtained in terms of the eradication of the diseases are permanent and deep-rooted.

Basic Principal of Panchkarma

Ayurveda, as we all know has survived more than 4,000 years before it has given the world a comprehensive manifestation of knowledge and practice that communicates within the realm of naturopathy. It has dealt with various natural healing techniques created for the comfort of the people. Panchakarma is considered to be the most important branch of Ayurveda. As the name suggests it is a ‘five-step’ (“Pancha” means “five” and “Karma” means “activities” in Sanskrit) method for an absolute detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. Generally it is a cleansing system where the body is allowed to get cleansed through various procedures. It needs a minimum of 2 weeks for the body to get cleansed from inside. It performs the best with the use of medicated oils that helps in eliminating toxins and getting rid of impurities from the human body. The balance of body and mind is the foundation for joy, vitality as well as performance.

The basic and the most helpful methods of physical, mental satisfaction, regeneration and to restore the balance of bio-energy are called Panchakarma therapy. Variation in the bio-énergy is to be resolved by eliminating the toxins and unwanted products from the body and excreting them naturally through our excretory organs.

Best Panchkarma Therapies for Special Ailments

  • Hrid Vasti: for the purpose of Heart
  • Shiro Vasti: for the purpose of  Brain
  • Shiro Dhara: for mental relaxation, stress, hypertension and hair related issues
  • Pinda Swedan: for Arthritis, paralysis and muscular complication
  • Sandhi Vasti: for the purpose of  Bones and Joints
  • Netra Tarpan: for Eye-related issues, better eyesight
  • Karna Purna: for the purpose of  ear and brain
  • Kundalini Massage & Merudanda Vasti: for back pain and disorders of the spine, slipped disc, and vertebral deterioration
  • Medicated Facial: for acne, pimples or other beauty-related problems. (Herbal Facial, Relaxing Facial and Anti-Aging Facial)
  • Medicated Smoking: for the purpose of cleaning the sinuses

Our Activity on Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic traditional process that demands strong management and supervision. Each person is cared personally and the duration of treatment depends on one’s own constitution and the mental health. At the beginning and after Detox Program, it is needed to closely monitor the patient and provide sufficient preparation, concerned therapies and specific guidelines. It is a process with numerous stages.
Everyone responds specially to Panchkarma and each treatment is distinct. For this reason, precise supervision is necessary for the whole process.
To undergo a purification therapy it is very useful for the body to be prepared for the rigorous process to encourage the body to let go of the toxins. Treatments like Abhyangam, shirodhara and Elakizhi are involved to soften the tissues where the oil is applied to the whole body with a definite type of massage which helps the toxins to move towards the gastro-intestinal tract. Thenceforth therapies like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshan are used as per the body constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) to fulfill the detoxifying process.
Accumulating of ama (toxin) is the prime cause for every disease and Panchkarma assists to get rid of ama. It’s highly recommended generally for people in the age group starting from 40 years to undergo Panchkarma Therapy for two weeks at least once a year.

Processes Involved in Cleansing

As quoted earlier, Panchkarma therapy is a five-step method for the body to get cleansed inside out. These five stages can be considered to be the stepping stones for complete attainment of a healthy and a cleaned body. This therapy is believed to pass on radical elimination of the disease causing factors and maintain balance among the doshas that control our body. Following are the five stages that helps enhanced the immunity and purifies the body.


It is a special Panchakarma treatment (Oleation Therapy) procedure where the patient is given Ayurvedic therapies and internal medication. This helps in vomiting and erasing of the toxins thus remove the poisons from the body.


This process includes the cleansing of the toxins by way of bowels. The patient is advised to ingest Ayurvedic medicines and go for a natural laxative method thus clearing the guts that aides in purifying the body or toxins.


Ayurvedic therapy through medicines or natural decoctions like oils, ghee or milk through enema is known as basti. The decoctions depend on the disease that requires to be cured. It has huge advantages and effectiveness against diseases like piles, constipation and arthritis.


People are suffering from issues that target the head area, this Ayurvedic therapy is the most acceptable. It is a natural cleansing method where the cerebral area gets released from any kind of pain and nasal drops are regulated in the nostrils.


Lastly, this process is undertaken for cleaning the blood. As we know that impure blood is an important cause of any diseases, so this therapy deals with the purification of the blood thus getting rid of health problems such as psoriasis, pigmentation, dermatitis and many more. This is how Panchkarma therapy is given to a patient gradually which provides outstanding effective results thus improving and enhancing the persistency of the human body.


If we try to enlist the achievements of an Ayurvedic therapy, we will always fall short of it as there are endless benefits that one cannot even imagine about. But specifically speaking, Panchakarma at NBP Ayurveda & Unani has lots to offer to its customers with its graded agenda.
Clean of the Body and Soul: Through the particulars given above it is clear by now that this therapy is the final solution to remove all impurities and toxins from the body and thus purify the mind, body and soul. It helps to support a balance between all the three doshas that are responsible for ruling our body.
Basis for Proper Well-Being: NBP Ayurveda & Unani serves to the thorough well-being of an individual with the help of its Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Panchkarma therapy is one of the greatest ways to accomplish a healthy and stress-free body.
Adjust the vitiated doshas: According to Ayurveda, doshas are the main governing elements of the human body. It is due to the disproportion in these doshas that our body sometimes responds in an abnormal way and we fall prey to various kinds of illness. Panchakarma therapy thus helps to improve the balance between the doshas for appropriate functioning of the body.
NBP Ayurveda & Unani provides the best Ayurvedic treatments facilities that one awaits to obtain the optimum level of health and well-being.

Special Rejuvenation Therapy at NBP Ayurveda & Unani

A specific quality of our medical care is the focus on manifestation of the Ayurvedic rejuvenation strategies. Using approved anti-aging strategies, which make up free radicals (the epitome of early oxidation, rusting and aging of the body) and wild herbs, a dietary plan which is respectively prepared for each patient by enhancing health and brings a new and healthy immunity.
As a part of our dedication to excellence, each patient receives constant support and feedback at the end of their Panchkarma sessions. In return, feedback from our patients acknowledges us to brush up our services and make advancements in our treatment methods, ensuring you to receive outstanding service and treatments at our proficiency.

Why one should choose for this treatment?

Survival of the fittest strategy leads to a lot of factors that incorporate to improve as well as deteriorate the state of the human body. Continuing labor, wear & tear of the body tissues, failure of the functioning parts, and improper eating habits combined all hampers the normal functioning of the body.
Appropriate cleansing should be done so that the body can be eliminated a lot of impurities and toxins while maintaining its functions. If these are not removed from the body at the exact time then it becomes a cause for the diseases. Panchkarma should be done yearly as its effects are deep-rooted, permanent and helps to kill the source cause of the disease. This treatment at NBP Ayurveda & Unani is the best as we keep into mind that the overall transformation of the human body depends on following a strict Ayurvedic diet and adopting healthy lifestyle choices from beginning.